The written translations made by “ES Bulgaria” comply completely with our high standards, demanding propriety, accuracy and professional manner to the client.
General conditions:
>blank10 The minimal order is one page: 1800 symbols (including intervals);
>blank10 The order cost is calculated on translated text page number, and not from the original text given by the client;
>blank10 The prices include a translation from a dedicated translator, a signature of the dedicated translator, factology editoring, all of this is prepared on company sheet containing a stamp;
>blank10 When a bigger order (over 50 pages) is needed or a long-term collaboration is possible additional discounts
are made as per negotiation.
According to the translation criteria we have divided language groups to four main groups:
First language group English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian;
Second language group Greek, Romanian, Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovakian;
Third language group Arabic, Portugal, Hungarian, Dutch, Slovenian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Albanian, Eesti, Azerbaijani (Azeri);
Fourth language group Hebrew, Japanese.
1.blank10 The Standard term for written translation is 3 working days for a volume of up to 30 pages; when the translation is over 30 pages, the translation term is prolonged depending on the text volume and complicity.
2.blank10 The urgent order term is 24 hours about 15 pages text.
3.blank10 The express order term is 6 work hours about 5 pages text.
The information type and the complicity of the translation defines four thematic groups, as follows:
First group – translation of personal, company documents and general thematic texts
academic documents – primary, high school and university diplomas, diploma applications, school and academic verification, certificates, official notice, etc.;
official letter – certificatory – , other types of certificates, declaration, company registration certificate, certificate of good standing, criminal records, qualification certificate, official notices, labour books, military books, notary documents, invoices, different types of certificates, letters of attorney of individuals and companies, etc.
 official certificate – a birth certificate, marriage, certificate about marriage abroad, about family status and status of estate , about divorce, christening certificates, name identity certificates, death certificate;
Second group – translations of texts with economical and finance thematic
marketing, accountant and bank documents, quality certificates, human resources, bank verification, references, account statements, offers etc.
Third group – translation of technical and specialized texts
translation of texts with medical, juridical and insurance thematic, court decision, contracts, employment references, letters, advertising materials etc.

non official documents –CVs, requests, correspondence

Oral translation
“ES Bulgaria” offers to its clients the opportunity to use the high-qualified translators in the following cases:
when a translation is necessary on official and non-official meetings, where one of the parties doesn’t use Bulgarian;
on private visits in Bulgaria of foreigners aiming research the economic environment, business negotiations and all types of work events;
when escorting and assistance during private visits of foreigners in Bulgaria aiming property purchase, tourism or other situations is performed, requiring knowledge of the situation and the language;
when an international conference and all types of international forums take place in Bulgaria.
“ES Bulgaria” offers simultaneous, consecutive and escortive translation:
Simultaneous A translation conducted from a cabin in the moment of speaking. It is made by a team of two translators.
Consecutive A translation made when speakers make regular breaks for translation during negotiations and seminars. It is made by one or two translators depending on the field of work.
Escortive translation A translation during escorting and assistance during travellings, inspections, negotiations and other situations, requiring knowledge of the situation and the language.
The time, when the translator is engaged by the client is included in the price, no matter if a real translation is done or not.